Three areas in Fuvahmulah island declared as Protected Areas

18 June 2012 : 20:01

Ministry of Environment and Energy has declared three areas in Fuvahmulah island as Protected Areas today. The three areas include the “Bandaara Kilhi” and its associated wetlands, “Dhandi Magu Kilhi” and its associated wetlands and the unique beach located on the north end of Fuvahmulah island.
Fuvahmulah is a unique island and is famous for its natural beauty and healthy environment. Protecting these area will serve as a big achievement towards conserving the biodiversity and the natural beauty of the island for the future generations. A management plan for these areas is being developed under Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF).
The cabinet has taken decision to declare these areas as Protected Areas on 12th June 2012 while the Atoll Council of Fuvahmulah has also passed a Decree to establish these Protected Areas in Fuvahmulah on 19 January 2012.
The total number of protected areas in Maldives is increased from 39 to 42 including these newly protected areas in Fuvahmulah.