MEMP carries out integrated island waste management planning in Kaafu atoll Thulusdhoo island

28 June 2012 : 8:34

MEMP has held a two day training programme for integrated island waste management planning, for MEMP and NGO staff on 23rd and 24th June, based in Male’ and Thulusdhoo islands. The first day of this training was a theory session held in Male’ in order to inform all participants about the relevance of waste management as well as the various areas that need to be covered in island waste management planning.

On the second day of the training, island waste management planning was carried out in Kaafu atoll Thulusdhoo island, where representatives from the atoll and island councils, the education and health sectors and other relevant organizations were brought together for a planning workshop. During the workshop, presentations were given about the Maldives Environmental Management Project and its waste management aspect, why waste management is an important issue for Maldives, and what needs to be considered in carrying out waste management programmes. Following these activities, participants gathered information on the island itself, the generators of waste on the island such as homes, shops and industrial companies, and also what the existing waste management situation on the island is. After this, participants drafted 11 different objectives for waste management on the island, from which activities that need to be carried out in order to achieve the objectives were detailed through discussion.

Apart from the Island Waste Management Planning that was carried out, an Environmental Management Plan for the activities mentioned in the IWMP was also developed by MEMP staff on the second day. This involved surveying various parts of the island including the beaches, waste management centre and the industrial zone.

The draft island waste management plan and the environmental management plan based on the two days of activity will be developed shortly and shared for comments with the Thulusdhoo Island Council, after which needed revisions will be made before it is endorsed by the Council, to be implemented according to the schedule that is drawn up in the plan.